2019-21 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Edge Pulsar LT - 22451

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The Pulsar LT is a one-of-a-kind in-line module that offers feature combinations never before seen in a standalone module. Adjust throttle response levels, tire size adjustment, TPMS options, speed limiter, and more without tuning or modifying the vehicle. The Pulsar LT connects directly to the vehicle computer system and makes its changes in-line with the other modules. Utilizing steering wheel controls, Pulsar LT owners can make all the changes they desire at any time, driving or parked.

Without modifying your truck's ECM, Pulsar LT offers you the ability to adjust throttle response, tire size, gear ratio, TPMS, and your top speed limiter. Pulsar LT can also be used to disable Auto Start/Stop and Dynamic Fuel Management. It connects directly to the vehicle computer system, making installation a breeze and leaving your factory warranty intact. And yes, it does work on 6.2 10-speed models!

The Pulsar LT is, in truth, multiple products in one. Sure, you can go out and purchase a throttle booster, and then a separate calibration product to adjust tire size and TPMS, and possibly find a custom tuner to adjust the speed limiter. Why clutter your vehicle with expensive products that only provide part of the solution you are looking for. The Pulsar LT delivers serious options, seamless control, and does so affordably, with a single easy to use solution.

The Pulsar LT installs in minutes without tools and requires no PCM modification or alteration. It is a simple plug and play installation using factory connectors. Remove the product with no tuning traces left in the vehicle to maintain the factory warranty.

*Physical gear ratio changes made in the 2019-2021 trucks will affect your cruise control functionality. This is an issue within GM's platform. While this device will calibrate your speedometer for an accurate display after making a gear ratio change, it will not re-enable the non-functioning cruise control.

Pulsar LT Features:

Speed Limiter Adjustment (82-140 MPH)

TPMS Adjustment (25-99 PSI)

Tire Size Correction (29” - 50.9”)

Axle Ratio (2.00 - 6.99)

Clear DTCs

Auto Start/Stop Disable

DFM Disable

Multiple Throttle Sensitivity Levels

On-the-fly Adjustability via Steering Wheel Controls

  • Axle Gear Ratio - 2.00 - 6.99
  • Tire Size - 29^ - 50.9^
  • Throttle Booster
  • Speed Limiter - 82-140 MPH
  • TPMS Threshold Adjust - 25-99 PSI
  • Disable Auto Start Stop