Air Lift Wireless One Gen 2 Air Control System Single Path

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MPN: 25980


  • Single-path control: Left and right air springs are inflated/deflated equally

  • Wireless handheld unit and NEW mobile app for convenient operation inside or outside the vehicle

  • Easy installation – no air lines to the cab!

  • Three programmable, user-defined memory settings


 WirelessOne puts the power in your hands – literally. Whether it’s with the easy-to-read handheld controller or the free mobile app, you can inflate or deflate your air spring system with one touch.

 WirelessOne is a single-path system, meaning both air springs will be inflated or deflated to the same pressure. This is ideal for vehicles carrying loads that are equally distributed left-to-right. The controller and app are both programmable with user-defined presets, so WirelessOne can remember your frequently used pressures.

 The redesigned WirelessOne system is easier to install than ever, with a standard-duty air compressor and a small manifold. There’s no running air line inside the cab or fiddling with fuzes, just a simple battery hook-up. With common mechanics tools, the system installs in only a few hours.