Ancra Single Stud Fitting 50112-20 For Logistics Track

Ancra SKU: 50112-20


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Ancra’s single stud track fitting is very easy to use and provides you with the strength needed to keep a secure grip on your cargo. It only takes a few quick seconds to secure the stud into the aircraft logistic track for a reliable connection that can support the rest of the tie-down assembly easily. Simply place your thumb inside the ring and push down on the stud while lifting the clip with your other fingers and then insert the stud anywhere along the track and release the clip. The steel ring attached to the end of the std can be used with a variety of tie-down hooks, including S-hooks and snap hooks, offering you more flexibility in end fitting choice for your tie-down assembly.

-Working Load Limit 1,333 lbs.

-Fitting is single stud with ring, vertical -Individually packaged or bulk packaged for large quantities.

-This is the genuine manufacturer's part number and item, not a substitute.