ADD Lite Front Bumper 2004 - 2008 Ford F-150

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Top Hoop; Color: Hammer Black; Skid Color: Satin Black; Top Mount: Up to 10 Dually / Universal Plate Ford F150 2004-2008 ADD Lite Front Bumper with 10 Dually mounts/universal plate on top with top hoop in Hammer Black with Satin Black Skid Plate
The ADD Lite bumper is stout, yet easy on the wallet. This bumper features our brand new patent pending Universal Lighting System. This will allow you to put several different types of lights and configurations on your bumper. You can now mount radius bars, straight bars, and cubed lights. Mix, match, and make combo choices. The ADD Lite bumper contours the front of you truck, includes a low profile skid plate that does not attach to the truss, which allows for a suspension kit to be installed. Like all ADD products, this is 100% bolt on. Universal Lighting System. Skid plate allows for multiple lift kit options. Optional top hoop.