Monster Hook Off Road Shackle 7/8" Forged Steel - Clear (MH-SH34C)

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Made from 4140 forged, heat treated steel, Our shackles are stronger than any equivalent size shackle in the industry. To ensure the strength in our forgings, we have made sure that the grain flow runs in the same direction and that the gusset surrounding the perimeter of the shackle gives the strength that is unsurpassed by any in the industry.

  • 7/8" steel screw pin shackle
  • Rated at 16,000lbs ( 8 tons )
  • Ultimate failure 80,000lbs
  •  Clear powder coat finish
  • Aesthetic design with extreme functionality
  • More surface area for tow straps than standard shackles
  • Gusseted design for superior strength over conventional shackles
  • Pursuant to 35 U.S.C. 287(a) you are hereby placed on notice of Monster Hook’ rights in the following United States Patents associated with the following products: Monster Recovery U.S. Patent No. US D 757,518S